Monday, March 7, 2011


Dear Selva,
Acmic Innovative Thinking At Its Peak!
Acmic Interactive Solutions provide cutting-edge solutions in the field of online marketing.
Acmic Interactive is all encompassing Internet Marketing Services Company specializing in comprehensive search engine optimization, positioning, marketing and submissions, Pay per click advertising, Contextual and Affiliate Marketing. It not only helps increase your websites search engine exposure and draws potential customers but also provides advertisers with complete online advertising solutions.
Our Internet Marketing solution revolves around: 

Search engine optimization
• Pay per click advertising
• Display advertising
• Ecommerce solutions
• Web design, development and promotion
• Online ad operations 

Considering our business expansion we are keen on hiring a talent pool on Search, if you are a Search professional with SEO Experience of 1-4 years of work ex and are keen on evaluating newer opportunities revert to us on with:
(The opportunity is based in Bangalore) 

1. Updated Profile
2. Career High-lights
3. Current remuneration details
4. Expected remuneration
5. Notice Period 

Look forward to a mutually rewarding association!
Thanks & Regards,

Reena Dharamshi
Manager HRD

Acmic Interactive Pvt Ltd
Devarabaisanhalli, Outer ring road,
Bangalore -560103


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